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  Petitie Wind Spinner "Frog"
Frog petitie wind spinner.jpg

  • Frog petitie wind spinner.
  • Size: 21 inches wide x 14 inches high with 12.75 inch spinning wing diameter.
  • This petite frog wind spinner is constructed from a UV resistant Sun Tex fabric using intricate heavy duty stitching.
  • All edges are stitched three times for maximum durability and the spinner is designed to stand up in the harshest types of wind and weather.
  • These Premier Kites petite wind spinners will add a wow factor to your home or business as the wings spin and the spinner moves with the wind.
  • The frame and mounting pole are made from fiberglass and all of our spinners include everything you need to assemble the spinners.
  • Enclosed are easy to use pictorial instructions.
Price: $25.00
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