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  Uncommon 20' Bronze Telescoping Flagpole
Uncommon Bronze Flagpole.jpg The telescoping
flagpole adds to the beauty of your property!

Our poles have NO Ropes, NO Chains, NO Pulleys so you do not have to worry about knots and tangles. Also, this makes our flagpoles virtually NOISE FREE.

The telescoping flagpole is made of sturdy 16 gauge aluminum with an anodized finish making this flagpole MAINTENANCE FREE, no need to worry about rust or painting.

The telescoping flagpole has polycarbonate bushings which allows each section of the pole to slide up and down smoothly, "metal never touches metal." The swivel harness which the flags are mounted on, are also aluminum (more durable than the polycarbonate ones) and allow the flag to fly "Freely" 360 degrees around the pole, preventing the flag from wrapping around the pole. Less wear and tear on "Old Glory."

Due to the unique design of the telescoping flagpole, each section of the pole raises and lowers easily. Match the arrow to the hole, click the button in place, and with a simple press of the quot;release" button down your flagpole slides.

Each Telescoping flagpole comes complete with a 3 inch Gold Aluminum Ball Ornament, to dress the top of your flagpole, A Double Flag Harness to fly two flags or fly a flag at half mast, 3' x 5' Nylon USA Flag with Embroidered Stars and Sewn Stripes and an Installation sleeve with complete instructions.

Price: $295.00
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