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  Solar Light "Titan Downlight"
Titan Solar Light.jpg If You Have A Flagpole, And Want
To Illuminate Your Flag, You Will Love This Product! The Titan Solar
Light Takes Only A Minute To Add It To Your Flagpole.

  • The Titan solar light, is made in the USA! Help keep Americans working!
  • The Titan solar light has an aluminum top, not a plastic top like other solar lights.
  • The Titan solar light has 4 high output American made solar panels, imbedded into the aluminum top plate.
  • The Titan solar light has 3 Long lasting, rechargeable solar batteries
  • The Titan solar light has a 2 year warranty on components, (excluding batteries) and is all American Made! This light is completely serviceable by us after the warranty period is up.
  • The Titan solar light has much brighter LED's than other solar lights on the market.
  • The Titan solar light has a dusk-to-dawn, automatic on-off feature
  • Locate your flagpole where you want, with no expense of running an electrical circuit for a light!
  • Available in 3 colors to match your flagpole. Silver, Bronze or White.
  • Saves on your electric bill! Go green with the Titan solar light!
Price: $175.00
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